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Concession Agreement for Luka Kotor signed

Concession Agreement for Luka Kotor signed
Published date: 25.03.2019 08:30 | Author: MSP

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MSPMinister of Transport and Maritime Affairs, Osman Nurković and the President of the Board of the Port of Kotor, Branko Ivanović, today signed a  Concession Agreement for Luka Kotor.

AD "Luka Kotor" has been awarded the first concession for a period of 12 years. A business plan for a period of 12 years is planned to invest in infrastructure   and surplus over € 5 million.

Realizing the planned investments "Luka Kotor" will create the conditions for accepting the latest generation of cruisers without limitation of length and sea  gauge, and increase the capacity of the marina. In addition, the quality of port services will be significantly increased.

The granted concession is a big responsibility but also the opportunity for realization of development plans, followed by infrastructure investments.  Cooperation and quality communication between the Ministry of Transport and Management of AD "Luka Kotor" is an example of a professional and   responsible relationship in the overall procedure for the award of the first concession.

The obtained concession means great recognition, but also the responsibility for the further development of AD "Luka Kotor" lies in the management of this  significant Kotor and Montenegrin company.

The Board of Directors is grateful to the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs for an extremely constructive and correct relationship and clearly defined guidelines that should be respected in the process of awarding the first concession. 

Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs