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Press realise: Minister Brajovic with the delegation of italian businessmen on the construction site of the bridge Moracica

Press realise: Minister Brajovic with the delegation of italian businessmen on the construction site of the bridge Moracica
Published date: 23.09.2016 13:00 | Author: Ministarstvo saobraćaja i pomorstva

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Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs Ivan Brajovic, with a delegation of Italian businessmen, visited the construction site of the bridge Moracica, which even at this stage of implementation draws attention of foreign experts. The visit was organized as part of the conference "Italy & Montenegro - Building Together", which was held in Podgorica on 21 and 22 September 2016, organized by ICE - Italian Agency for Foreign Trade and ANCE - National Association of Builders of Italy.

The Minister expressed particular satisfaction with the fact that in a short period of time it was already the second visit of representatives of the Member States of the European Union, which were recognizable by their developed transport system. Minister Brajovic added that implementation of major infrastructure projects was always a generator of economic growth, and such visits were considered very useful in order to exchange knowledge and experiences, noting that aware of the size and importance of the Project, as a demanding Employer, they insisted on consistent application of European standards and quality, since there would be no compromise on the quality and safety even for a single moment.

Members of the Italian delegation had the opportunity to get acquainted with some of the basic data relating to the bridge Moracica. The bridge is designed as a continuous prestressed frame structure with a main span of 190 m of variable cross-section, which is built using the free cantilevering technique. The layout span of the bridge is 95m + 170m + 3 × 190m + 125m = 960m, while the height of five middle pillars varies from 51 m to 161 m. The total length of the bridge is 960 m, with longitudinal alignment gradient of 4% and cross slope of 2.5%. The total width of the bridge is 23.4 meters, with two lanes in both directions, and lanes for pedestrians and maintenance including all equipment and windscreen protection.

Members of the Italian delegation, headed by the Ambassador of Italy to Montenegro, Vicenzo Del Monaco, included director of ICE - Italian Foreign Trade Agency Giovanni Mafodda, and President of the International Group ANCE for SMEs Gerardo Biancofiore.

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