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Press release: Meeting of Minister Brajovic with Commissioner Bulc: Significant Progress in the Field of Transport

Press release: Meeting of Minister Brajovic with Commissioner Bulc: Significant Progress in the Field of Transport
Published date: 07.09.2016 12:10 | Author: Ministarstvo saobraćaja i pomorstva

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During the meeting, interlocutors reviewed the results of the efforts of the field Ministry and the up-to-date progress made in implementing the EU-Western Balkans Six connectivity agenda.

Discussion was focused on the measures complementing infrastructure development, such as the following: integrated border management, road maintenance and road safety.

During the one-day visit, Commissioner Bulc and Minister Brajovic visited Montenegro-Albania border crossing point Bozaj-Hani i Hotit, where they were welcomed by the Delegation of Albania, led by the Albania’s Minister of Transport Edmond Haxhinasto.

One of the reasons for visiting this particular border crossing point is the Strategic cross-border cooperation project which will allow for a reconstruction of the BCP Bozaj in the second half of 2016, for which the EU has provided significant support.

Minister Brajovic expressed his satisfaction with the opportunity to, for the first time, host a European Commissioner, as well as with the positive comments and praise received for the progress made in this field, in particular when it comes to the opening of two following transport chapters: Chapter 14 on Transport Policy and Chapter 21 on Trans-European networks.

Field Minister informed the guests about large development projects which are underway, as well as about the strategically important projects which are currently in a stage of planning and preparation of documentation. He also availed himself of the opportunity to express gratitude for the significant support Montenegro is receiving from the European institutions.

The two interlocutors also talked about the areas in which both sides detected certain weaknesses and, in that sense, a part of the conversation was dedicated to maritime transport issues. It was noted that, in the past two years, a significant effort has been made through engaging in an intensive communication and cooperation with the institutions of the EU, but the effects of that work can be expected in the period to come. 

Commissioner Bulc welcomed the transport infrastructure development plans of Montenegro, placing the emphasis on balanced development of all modes of transport, deployment of new technologies and renewable sources of energy. Bulc pointed out that the overall quality of the transport system or to be precise close cross-border cooperation represents a factor of stability, and that the EU will continue to support all projects that have a regional character.

As the improvement of road safety is one of the objectives of the EU, the Commissioner urged Montenegro to continue with reforms and development policies to that end.

As a conclusion, the Commissioner stated that Montenegro truly does have a lot to be proud of when it comes to the results of the performed work and expressed hope that the country continues to remain a factor of stability in the region. 
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